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24 November, 2010

Door to Door Scams - Watch who you work for!

Charities like Sick Kids Foundation and Worldvision do great things for the community. Everyone should put aside some of their earnings and contribute to those in need. 

It is important though, that when you do contribute you don't contribute in the wrong way. Many marketing/networking agencies now make profit on "selling" monthly packages of "monthly donations" to charity via door to door sales.

Now here is the rock. and here is the hard place. These companies claim to contribute thousands upon thousands of dollars to their specific chairity, but only 5%* from the montly donations they get. So yes the charity is recieving money they might not of, but these companies are recieving over 90%*.

These companies pride themselves on being a non-profit organization, but with more prying (went to several interviews from these network companies) I noticed that people who started just months ago were now "owners" of their own office. Wow that is a little fast for working with charities no?

The company lures their employees in with false hope of "helping children in need" you then come to realize you are walking door to door, rain or shine, lying to those nice enough to open their door. To sign someone up you must tell them about "leukemia, heart disease and various other illnesses..stuff that no child should ever go through"......and if the person has children, be nice to them in order to guilt the parents. Sometimes it is wise to ask them if they have heard of "Sick Kids Hospital" most say yes, "well then you are aware of the wonderful work they do right?" to top it off you must then tell them that they will recieve up to 100% tax deductable receipts for the next tax return on all their donations....."so whats the harm in setting aside $15-35 dollars a month?" especially when "100% of it goes directly to the children" (umm no I do not get paid :S). Oh and not to mention this donation is a withdrawl from your bank account or credit card on a specific day of the month, and it wont end untill you give 30 days notice cancellation. "It is your intention to help these kids for at least a year right?"

Now the pay structure for the door to door sales is quite simple, minumum wage an hour, but if you sell one "monthly donation" per day you can make up to $40 per hour. Oh and of course the catch, if you do not sell more than "two per week" you are fired... yes you do sign for that at the beginning, you know while reading about the hospital/charity you will be helping. The job itself is not difficult work, if you dont mind walking for hours during peoples dinner times, keeping track of those who do/do not answer their door, so you can return to hound them again, and being dropped off in usually low budget areas.... you spend the morning "practicing your pitch". Isnt this suppose to be genuine charity work??

If you aren't so lucky and you did sign up for a monthly donation you are then told that you are going to speak with someone from the actual foundation/charity to verify your information. In fact you are speaking with the networking groups "call center". They do not work at the actual charity. You are coached to just say "yes" to whatever they ask you by the door to door salesperson. Buggers trying to verify anything and everything! These calls are recorded and you do agree to all the charges they will start issuing.

For those who do take the time to think about all the information about these charities, and want more information, they are told to go to the charities main web page and they do not have any literature because "that would cost to much, when all the money should be going to the children". Oh and say "child" not "kid" because it pulls on the persons heart strings more. They are only in the area for the evening and would have no problem coming back after you "read the website".

This type of "charity marketing" has been exposed in the past. Below are links to the story covered in 2007. But this is still going on. In Toronto there are over 3 offices that I am aware of and have visited personally, I do believes others exsist all over Canada. The big umbrella is the TNI network. If you are lured for an interview make sure that you ask if TNI is involved. Do your research and stay informed.

*5% is an appx
*90% is an appx


These charities DO NEED YOUR HELP. Please do not let door to door scams deture you from helping people in need. Do what you can and help those around you.