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06 June, 2011

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The d dope interval

What is a belief system? Does one (as in human) need a form of "moral" and "guidance" in one way or another? Let’s assume that as a human you are clung to the rings of guidance and opinion in one’s self whether being from any type of influence or lack thereof, of influence and/or environmental factors.

Throughout the world, with a population of almost 7 billion, there is no doubt that the "six degrees of separation theory" has some merit. Although without question one individual being cannot claim personal knowledge of every other fellow human being. It can even be argued that one who has personal knowledge of another human can at times be altered throughout time. The belief of the "six degrees of separation theory" therefore can alter ones perception of knowledge of the fellow human being. Believing you know more than you do.

This point in history shows all (every piece of) land run by a form of government. ie. classes dedicated to the study of government and its forms. Countries of different forms of government. and the realities of prosperity or failure linked to the type of government the country is run by.

Each individual human is prone to human feeling. some lack the feelings of empathy or pain but most are capable of feeling at one point or another all type of human emotion ie. love, hate & joy. Sometimes during one emotion the human mind is left with a forgetting of what the other feels like. Some emotions can be felt at one time but for usually each moment one emotion is most recognizable. This type of experience in essence can be argued alters one’s ability to clearly differentiate between the feeling of different emotion while emotional. Creating constant evolution of feeling depending on events.