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24 November, 2011

literal meanings obscure

-the reaction to watching a recent "free Palestine" promotional video

A lot of the Israeli difficulty in the war against terrorism is its connection (unfortunately considered a bad thing based on recent leaders) to the United States and more recently Canada. As a Canadian proud to finally have a leader (only country) to go against condemning Israel as an “occupying state” in the united nations, the connection between Israel and United States is its belief in democracy. (hard to sell when you just had bush with the big ol' Democracy logo on his t-shirt – not even good enough for an American Apparel ad.) Democracy is laughed at in current terminology, for if you claim yourself to be democratic you can actually laugh out loud and it be accepted.

-33 million Jews remain. The homeland, Israel is the purpose of the Jews and its perseverance has gotten it this far. Israel must never waiver on its ability to stand against the United States for its practises in Wall Street and throughout the world and remember to value each human life.

"I will forgive you for killing my children but I will never forgive you for making me kill yours".

-never waiver from the love of human life and empathy for all. empathy for the conditions in Gaza, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, India, and have liberty for all. Freedom to practice faith and harmony and respect for others. With the opportunity to go to school and learn. Not focus on death and the inhalation of an entire people.

People of this world there are two sides to every story and the story is that even if you remove the Jewish presence in that area (as described in the video as the most plentiful in resources and the ability to actually help people and they do) you can’t not take away what the people with extreme Islamic tendencies consider the value of life, to die. Cannot bring hope into people and children.

Stay true to the reality of all situations and help by always believing in the right thing; life and love for your purpose from g-d.