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14 January, 2011

Props to Dean Blundell for Stopping Shirley Phelps from Picketing 9-Year Old's Funeral

How can anyone hate on Dean Blundell for letting Shirley Phelps from the hateful Westboro Baptist Church spew her hateful garbage on his radio show.

As someone who has had an interest in Shirley for some time when I stumbled along her beliefs on various youtube videos.

Recently on a Toronto morning show hosted by Dean Blundell, they were able to convince Shirley Phelps to not picket a nine year olds funeral, as she believes, "she died because of the sins of gays and everyone on this earth against G-d", tormenting the mourning friends and family.

The Toronto Star did claims this type of "PR stunt" gives air time to Shirley and is against journalism ethics. Failing to acknowledge the fact Blundell was able to get the crazy westboro church away from the funeral.

So props to Dean Blundell, you did a good thing, you were able to do something I would jump at the opportunity to do. Stop Shirley Phelps from truly spewing her garbage!

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