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29 December, 2010

Son of Hamas Book Review

A Book Review – Son of Hamas

Book Written by: Mosab Hassan Yoseff

Over time the world evolves, there is proof of that. Humans become more technological; science of the human body evolves into curing diseases and human interaction changes. Progressive change within a society is constantly evolving. Sovereignty of nations particularly to the development of the Jewish State of Israel is one that seems to never be able to rest due to the Palestinian refugee problem.

Mosab Yoseff was born into a Muslim family in what is now known as the Palestinian Authority. As a child he grew up in a family that were known Muslim Imams in their community who peacefully preached the word of Allah and the Muslim traditions in their communities. Mosab adorned his father growing up. …and to this day…. his father was also one of the creators of Hamas. Son of Hamas is his story.

The Middle East problem is one that baffles even world leaders. Establishing peace is always the goal of the intellectual in universities and colleges around the world. Classes dedicated to analyzing, debating and arguing for a lasting peace agreement between the Jews of Israel and the Palestinian people. A subject so complicated is in essence a simple one. Peace for the Palestinians is dependant a few factors, some being, a fair and an infrastructure creating government and the acceptance of Israel as a Jewish neighbouring state. This is of course accompanied by Israel having secure boarders and to the recognition of Palestinian State as its own governing body. The complication comes to what really is a simple question; will the Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state? Some may argue that Israel does not deserve to even be there. Others will argue that history does allow Jews to be there. But the reality is that the Jews are there and the state has been established, and fought over but it does exist and it is the home to the Jewish people.

Time has even persuaded the most educated Jews and Gentiles of society to lean on the side of the Palestinians being under “terrorist” occupation. Making some convinced that Jihad against Israel is justified.

Mosab being from Palestine had that mentality of anti-Israeli occupation, but as he explains, Jihad against Israel is not justified as beneficial for the Palestinian people and is counterproductive to the creation of a self-governing Palestine as well as peace in that region. For the first time a Muslim with a first account experience is able to clearly explain the “ladder of Islam” some who are moderate can explain and except Jihad as a form of retribution for those who have wronged them in the name of Allah. Blowing yourself as well as innocent people up (even those who believe in what you do) is a one way ticket to heaven. Even those who do not follow Islam, propaganda against Israeli policies is rampant, leaving most understanding the strife of terrorists groups and their methods such as PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah, to name a few.

What Mosab points out in his book is that Israeli occupation is used as a scapegoat to destroy the Jewish State, and essentially the Jewish people. Through his detailed account of growing up in his family, his environment, being sent to Israeli prisons and subsequently working with the Israeli intelligence agencies you are able to understand the power, death and destruction acts Hamas uses against Jews and their own people. Noting that past and current Israeli methods as necessary.

Nowadays the propaganda against Israeli policies is bigger than ever. Those who have their beliefs on Israeli policies and those who believe in a “new-anti-Semitism” against the Jewish people in the name of Anti-Israeli policies. Those interested understanding the steps for peace in that region, I urge you to read this book.